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  • Darrin Greene

Loose leash walking tip - use a loose leash!

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

One of the biggest mistakes I see people making with young pups or dogs in early heel training is that their leash is too short.

You might think that keeping your pup on a very short leash is teaching them correct heel position (their shoulder by your knee). In fact, it’s teaching at least two bad habits, possibly three (or more).

First, fundamentally, you're teaching your dog that a tight leash is a signal to move forward and PULL.

Second, you’re teaching Pup heel position is uncomfortable, forcing them to seek refuge away from you, instead of near you, so they PULL.

Third, the large amount of restraint may be extremely frustrating to your dog, especially if they don't understand the exercise yet. This can lead to barking, lunging and even aggression if someone or something gets too close. Mainly PULLING.

Seek in person coaching from a qualified professional if you need to know more about how to teach heel position correctly!

Always remember - correct = comfort, not correction.

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